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Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

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Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

Description: Radial needle roller and cage assemblies are a component of needle rollers held in place by a cage. The mating shaft and housing are normally used as inner or outer raceway. The unitized design allows for easy handling and installation. Controlled-contour rollers reduce end stresses and permit operation under moderate misalignment. A variety of cage designs, styles and materials as well as multiple roller paths segmented constructions, meet broad application requirements.

Applications: Automotive and truck transmissions, agricultural and construction equipment, two cycle engines, pumps and compressors.

Types: Single row- K, double row- KK

Sizes: 6 mm - 150 mm bore.

Marking and Packing: Neutral marking and industrial packing or according to the requirements of customers.

Place of Origin: China.