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Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

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Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

Description: Needle roller thrust bearings are components of small diameter needle rollers arranged in a spoke-like configuration. Needle rollers are equally spaced by means of a cage whose web section separates the rollers and provides guidance to keep them tracking in an orbital path. The purpose of these assemblies is to transmit a thrust load between two relatively rotating objects while greatly reducing friction. Thrust needle roller bearings can also be unitized with lipped washers which service as raceway surfaces for needle rollers. Washers can be supplied separately or can be mechanically unitized to needle roller bearings for ease of handling.

Applications: Automotive automatic and manual transmissions, automotive accessories (compressors, steering gears, etc.) agricultural and construction equipment.

Types: Bearing- AXK/AXW/NTA…NTD, bearing washer- AS/LS/WS/GS/TRA…TRD

Sizes: 6 mm - 140 mm (0.2362 in. - 5.5118 in.).

Marking and Packing: Neutral marking and industrial packing or according to the requirements of customers.

Place of Origin: China.