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Drawn Cup Roller Clutches

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Drawn Cup Roller Clutches

Description: Drawn cup roller clutches are similar to drawn cup needle roller bearings in design, but allow free rotation in only one direction, while transmitting torque in the opposite direction. These designs use the same small radial section as drawn cup needle roller bearings and are offered as clutch-only units or as clutch and bearing assemblies.

Applications: Office equipment, paper-towel dispensers, exercise equipment, appliances and two speed gearboxes.

Types: Without bearing assemblies- HF/FC/RC, with bearing assemblies- HFL/FCB/RCB

Sizes: 3 mm - 35 mm bore (1/8 in. - 1.4 in. bore).

Marking and Packing: Neutral marking and industrial packing or according to the requirements of customers.

Place of Origin: China.